Regina Liver Lovers Luncheon Club
(The founding club of Liver Lovers International)

Liver lovers gather from time to time at a local restaurant to enjoy a meal of LIVER. Liver events are organized by volunteers. Check "Upcoming Liver Events" for the schedule of current of events. Anyone who likes liver and enjoys good company is welcome to join these sporadic gatherings.

Liver Lovers Event Notification Email List

If you would like to be notified about Liver Lover events, contact Robert Stedwill, Tel: 306-585-1854, email: to add your name/email to the Liver Lovers event notification list.

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Liver Lovers Event Schedule


Contact Robert Stedwill, Tel: 306-585-1854, email: to organize a Liver Lovers event.
Liver Supper @ Ricky's All Day Grill starts April 18 and continues the 3rd Tuesday of the month until Fall.

5:30 PM, April 18, 2017

Ricky's All Day Grill
777 Albert St,
Regina, SK S4R 2P6
T: 306.775.3000

Ricky's has reserved a room for Liver Lovers on the 3rd Tuesday of the month.

Contact: Lauren Carlson to confirm attendance, e:; t: 306-545-7532.
Liver Lunch @ SaskPower

11:45 AM, 3rd Tuesday of each month.

No LL lunch at SaskPower until further notice

SaskPower Cafeteria

Liver Lunch@SaskPower is cancelled until further notice.

Contact for LL lunch @ SaskPower is Kit Krozser,
Liver Lunch @ Credit Union Central Check your email and/or the website for the date (not scheduled regularly).

Credit Union Central Cafeteria

When you arrive, please check in with the Commissionaire and let him/her know that Lisa and Bonnie expect you in the cafeteria for liver!

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Liver Lovers Club History

Liver Lovers' Anthem

If you come to a Liver Lovers' meal you will have a chance to join in the one official club function. Every Liver Lovers' meeting is marked by the people in attendance singing the Liver Lovers' Anthem. Our Anthem is a work in progress. At the March 9/07 meeting members selected a new Christmas verse to add to the Liver Lovers Anthem. Sylvia Aitken composed a new verse to mark Liver Lovers 25th anniversary. At the January 13/10 meeting members selected a new All Saints verse for the Liver Lovers Anthem from verses composed by Liver Lovers at the November 4/09 All Saints meeting.

*Liver Lovers Anthem
(to be learned by liver)

Verse 1:
We love liver, yes we do!
Smothered in onions and bacon too,
Mushrooms help - now that's a fact,
So we formed the livers pact!

Yes we love liver,
Yes we love liver,
Yes we love liver,
It's so good for you!

Verse 2:
We join together once a month,
In our quest for a perfect lunch,
We'll eat our way from place to place,
All the while we'll fill our face!

Yes we love liver,
Yes we love liver,
Yes we love liver,
Our blood is getting rich!

25th Anniversary Verse by Sylvia Aitken:
Nineteen eighty two was great,
It got liver on our plate,
Twenty five years have gone by
We love liver, that's no lie.

Christmas Verse (sung to the tune of "Walking in a Winter Wonderland"):
Onion rings, are you listening,
On the plate, liver glistening,
It's a beautiful sight
We're hungry tonight,
Eating in a liver Wonderland.

All Saints Verse:
All Saints Day, November one,
With liver and onions can be fun
We eat and eat, this can't be wrong
As we sing the liver song

*Sung to the tune of "Jesus Loves Me"
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